WirvsVirus - the worlds biggest Hackathon with Myndset!

We participated in the world's largest hackathon of history #WirVsVirus, which was hosted by the federal government of Germany, and it was a blast!

After a spontaneous Live Ideation Session on Twitch, we were able to create an adventure game in only 19 hours! We decided on an Alexa Skill, as It's easy to implement with Voiceflow.

While we're still tweaking our storyline a little bit, this prototype will be finalized during the next days, and will definitely make it to Alexa very soon!

Our storyline features a "Cybervampire" who has a simple quest to go to the supermarket to buy some tomato sauce for his master. On his way there he has to avoid getting to close

to the humans around him, as they are carrying smartphones and the emitted light of their smartphones will burn him, just like sunlight would for vampires from Bulgaria ;-)

With this Alexa Skill, we aim to amuse the player with a great storyline delivered with lots of humor and easter eggs, but on the other hand, we want to help individuals understand and explain Physical Distancing better.

Team Members in alphabetical order:

Alex Holzreiter: Team Manager

Hendrikje Wagner: Storytelling

Jasmin Karatas: Gamification Expert

Philipp Lange: Storytelling

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