It's magic! NFC Tags in our Myndset Boxes! 🦄

We have added some nice and small feature to our Myndset Boxes!

Our Myndset boxes contain now magic NFC chips that will make it easier to get started on your next ideation session!

After holding your smartphone right next to our box, a link will magically open and take you to the most essential Myndset sites!

And when you’re done, you’ll be able to program our NFC chip for your own purpose :)

For example, it is possible to save VCARDs and share your contact information, opening a URL, or the position of geolocation.

  • a simple text
  • a link to a website, video or app
  • an eMail
  • a contact
  • a telephone number
  • an address or geolocation
  • WLAN or Bluetooth configurations
  • personalized data

The write function allows you to add as much data as fits on the tag.

We hope you enjoy our new NFC chip!

 Your Myndset Team